2021 Municipal Candidates

(Courtesy: Denise Womack-Avila)

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 5pm was the deadline for candidates to file their intent to run in municipal elections on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 in San Juan County.

City of Farmington

City Councilor District #1

Michael Bulloch

Lunda Rodgers

City Councilor District #2

Sean Sharer

Henry Silentman

Municipal Judge

Robert Miller

Brian Erickson

Farmington Municipal School Board

District #2

Andra Stradling

Robyn Hoffman

District #3

Keith Corley


City of Aztec

District #2

Michael Davis

Jason Thompson

Joel Barton

Kenneth George

District #4

Colby King

Victor Snover

Joe Hubbard

District #5

William Motto

James Crowley

Sabrina Rials

Mark Lewis


Aztec Municipal School Board

District #1

Frances Dobey

District #3

Melissa Wood

Robert Dusenbery

District #5

Paul Marken

Amanda Miller


City of Bloomfield


Cynthia Atencio

City Council

Randy Shull

Tony Dehererra

Scott Eckstein

Municipal Judge

Jarly Lopez

Cynthia Wagoner

Gabriela Crane

Bloomfield Municipal School Board

District #2

Darrell Nichols

Songtree Pioche

Dale Walls

District #4

Tony Deherrera

District #5

Ben Woody, Jr.

Veronica Tso


Town of Kirtland

District #1

Tyrone Austin


Central Consolidated School Board

District #1

Marion Wells

Sheldon Pickering

District #3

Matthew Tso

Cheryl George

District #4

Christina Aspaas


San Juan College Board

District #2

Kerby Johnson

Evelyn Benny

Roy Hosteen

Zachariah George

District #3

Nicole Wayne

Byron Manning


San Juan Soil & Water Conservation

District #3

Ashley Maxwell

Ann Kalcich

District #4

John Arrington


Valley Water & Sanitation Board

District #1

Alex Uhl

District #2

Tyrone Austin

District #3

Jason Heslop

District #4

Larry Hathaway

District #5

P Duncan

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