CPB Community Service Grant (CSG) Compliance

As a Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Community Service Grant (CSG) Recipient, KSJE presents this information and documentation to ensure transparency in grant compliance.

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4601 College Blvd.

Farmington, NM 87402


KSJE Management

Scott Michlin, General Manager, michlins@sanjuancollege.edu


KSJE Governing Board

KSJE is licensed to the San Juan College Board of Trustees.  For additional information please visit: San Juan College Board of Trustees 

Joe Rasor

Hoskie Benally, Jr.

John Thompson

R. Shane Chance

Evelyn Benny

Byron Manning

Valerie Uselman


Community Advisory Board

KSJE is owned and operated by a state college/university and therefore is not required to have a Community Advisory Board.


Open Meetings Policy

KSJE is licensed to the Board of Trustees of San Juan College.  The Trustees comprise the governing body of KSJE.  The San Juan College Board of Trustees meets monthly.  Please visit here for details about Board of Trustees meeting dates.


Financial Reporting Requirements

KSJE makes the annual Audited Financial Statement and Annual Financial Reports submitted to the CPB available to the public both online at www.KSJE.com and in paper with KSJE's FCC Public File in our main studio location: Room 1809, West Classroom Complex, San Juan College. 4601 College Blvd, Farmington, NM 87402.

KSJE's online Public File with the FCC is here.

KSJE adheres to a discrete accounting system which allows the grantor and auditor to discretely track funds within the accounting system.

KSJE Audited Financial Statement (AFS) FY 2020

KSJE Financial Summary Report (FSR) FY 2021


Diversity Statement

KSJE is a licensee of San Juan College.  KSJE follows the policies and procedures developed by the San Juan College Human Relations Department.

As a full service, public radio station licensed by the FCC, the primary mission of KSJE is to provide a radio programming service that encourages intellectual curiosity and critical analysis.

KSJE’s mandate is to provide for the otherwise underserved tastes, needs and interests of the public and to present material that challenges, provokes, broadens and educates in both formal and informal situations.

KSJE serves a diverse region of the American Southwest where three distinct and unique cultures have co-existed for hundreds of years. Native American, Hispanic and Anglo populations each make up about one-third of San Juan County, where KSJE is located. In addition to serving a diverse ethnic population, KSJE also serves a diverse population of arts supporters. As the Information and Cultural Beacon of the Four Corners, KSJE seeks to provide entertainment, information and programming about the arts that cannot be found on other local radio stations.

To that end, KSJE’s staff is involved in the local arts community. General Manager Scott Michlin serves on the board of the San Juan Symphony, which performs concerts in Durango, CO and our city of license Farmington, NM.  He also is past president and current board member at the San Juan United Way, which serves a large portion of minority and underserved resident of our community.  He is also a member of the board of director for Presbyterian Medical Services, which provides a number of programs for developmentally disabled adults and children and operates  dental, medical and mental health facilities in our community.  He also routinely volunteers his time at community events. Classical Music and Arts host Mick Hesse is part of several musical groups and performs throughout our region.  He also serves on the board of the Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation, that works to support local artists and artistic venues in San Juan County.

KSJE’s governing board is the board of Trustees at San Juan College. These seven individuals represent wide ethic and cultural diversity. KSJE has no control over the make-up of the board of Trustees. They were elected by the community they serve. They make major decisions about the future of San Juan College, and by extension, KSJE.

KSJE continues to increase our diversity with voices from the community and on-the-air programming. Over the past two years the radio station has invited more and more diverse guests into its studios to discuss important local issues, such as veteran’s services, homelessness, spiritual beliefs, economic development, local performance spaces and more. KSJE has become more involved with the San Juan College Summer Music Fest, San Juan Symphony classical music concerts, the San Juan College Silhouette Performing Arts Series and more. All of this involvement as a way to increase our diversity for the arts community and local residents.

In the future, KSJE aspires to reach out to local high schools and community members and begin a volunteer host program to encourage more diverse perspectives on our air. By offering air time to local high schools, and local community members, we will bring fresh voices to our service area in a more cost-effective manner.  


Other Performance Measures:

KSJE Community Outreach Activities Report

KSJE Local Content and Services Report

KSJE Radio Programming and Production Report

KSJE Governing Board: The San Juan College Board of Trustees

KSJE Journalists Report


Donor Lists

KSJE donor lists will not be sold, rented, loaned, traded, or otherwise transferred to outside parties.  KSJE will periodically remind underwriters and donors of this privacy policy.




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