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At the Beethoven Network, we go far beyond just playing random pieces of music. Our philosophy and goal is to take the listeners on a musical journey, so we tie pieces of music together in interesting and novel ways. Whether it is to illuminate what has just been heard or to start down a completely different path, the music selected is always played for a purpose. We take great time and care in putting every hour together in thoughtful ways. We never fade in or out of music. Generally speaking, we don’t play single movements of compositions. Exceptions to this may include a ballet, opera or orchestral suite. We believe in playing the “core repertoire” in abundance, but we also delve into the lesser known works and composers, drawing on our extensive collection of thousands of recordings. We limit vocal music primarily to the occasional 2:00 or 6:00 breaks, but if there is a compelling reason to play something vocal that ties in with a theme we are developing, we won’t hesitate to play it. That would be an exception, however, as instrumental compositions by far dominate. Avant-garde music is avoided, as is, with rare exception, organ music. In announcing the selections, the focus is on the music—not on the host. Our goal is to be welcoming and congenial without drawing attention away from the music. Talk is kept to a minimum, but if there is something interesting or illuminating to say, we won’t hesitate to say it. At the Beethoven Network, we maintain time-tested standards of quality to bring you distinguished programming and a consistently engaging listening experience.

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