A Rose in Winter: A Garden of Medieval and Renaissance Music for the Nativity

With its trademark vocal artistry, The Rose Ensemble presents a unique seasonal program that will bring many musical riches to your holiday lineup. Amidst familiar stories of wise men and shepherds, ancient Christmas legends also describe a midnight blooming of all manner of plants, trees, and flowers. The acclaimed vocal ensemble’s holiday concert explores this miracle of new life amid the cold of winter through gorgeous music honoring the Madonna and Child. Features choral works by William Byrd and Jean Mouton, medieval English ballads, Spanish cantigas, and the beloved German carol, “Es ist ein Rose Entsprugen.”

Performances by:

  • Jordan Sramek, Founder/Artistic Director
  • Kathy Lee, Kim Sueoka (soprano)
  • Fabiana González
  • Kris Kautzman
  • Natalie Nowytski (alto)
  • Nicholas Chalmers
  • Andrew Kane
  • Jordan Sramek (tenor)
  • Mark Dietrich
  • Jake Endres (bass)
  • Ginna Watson (harp)

Award-winning Minnesota broadcast journalist Tom Crann serves as the host of A Rose in Winter: A Garden of Medieval and Renaissance Music for the Nativity. His experience includes two decades as host and producer of classical music and cultural programs in the United States and Ireland. He has also hosted the international cultural broadcasts Sounds Irish and The Last Night of the Proms, a co-production with the BBC.

Program includes:

  • Anon., 14th-century English - Conditor Alme Siderum
  • Anon. (ca. 1420), English - Ther is no rose of swych vertu
  • Plainchant, Christmas Day propers - Viderunt omnes
  • Thomas Popelius - Virga Jessae floruit
  • Demetrius I of Georgia (attrib.) - Shen khar venakhi
  • Plainchant, Christmas Day propers - Tui sunt caeli
  • Byrd - Alleluia. Ave Maria-Virga Jesse
  • Anon., 15th-century English - Make We Joy
  • Melchior Vulpius - Es ist ein Ros/Michael Praetorius: Es ist ein Ros
  • Anon., 13th-century Spanish -  Cantiga de Santa Maria, No. 424
  • Anon., 13th-century Spanish -  Cantiga de Santa Maria, No. 10
  • Plainchant, Christmas Day propers - Viderunt Omnes
  • Jean Mouton -  Ave Maria-Virgo Serena

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